What’s on our Pop Culture Radar This April

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What’s on the ELLE editors’ radar this month. 

  • 1/12

    Help the earth and look great while doing it: Seattle-based Girlfriend Collective’s chic Lite leggings are made from fishing nets—which account for 46 percent of all ocean waste—that have been recycled. Plus, they’ve got beauty director Victoria DiPlacido’s stamp of approval. She says they’re super-soft and fit like a dream. (From $104.85, girlfriend.com)

  • 2/12

    You can absolutely judge these books by their covers: Beneath their gorgeous art-deco exteriors are hundreds of smart, funny and insightful nuggets of advice on success and style (respectively) from experts, industry leaders, celebs and just generally smart people. And they’ll look super-chic on your bedside table. ($11.65 on Amazon)

  • 3/12
    Plot details for season two of the twisty spy thriller Killing Eve (premiering on April 7 on Bravo)—about an MI6 operative and a psychopath assassin who are a little too obsessed with each other—are being kept tightly under wraps. But when it stars newly minted Golden Globe and SAG Award winner Sandra Oh, what more do you need to know?
  • 4/12

    Update Lassie’s wardrobe for spring with a new collar from Montreal-based Unleash. The luxe dog accessories—a line that includes bag dispensers that look like chic change purses rather than, you know—are crafted in Italian leather and hand-stitched by artisans in Spain.Your pupper won’t notice them, but you’ll definitely feel like the queen of the dog park. (From $67, unleash.dog)

  • 5/12

    For its latest collection, your fave decor brand, CB2, decided to do something a little different: They enlisted A-list designer Charlie Ferrer to curate a selection of vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces (i.e., things we could never find ourselves) sourced from around Europe. His finds—like mid-20th-century German pottery—are available only in select stores. (From $1,595, cb2.com)

  • 6/12

    If you’ve ever bought a bottle of alcohol just because it looked pretty/cool/artsy, you’re not alone. If you were lucky, though, the contents were as good as its packaging—which is the case with Kinsip’s tipples (kinsip.ca). The family-run distillery, based in so-hot-right-now Prince Edward County, Ont., creates gems like twice-distilled vodka, barrel-aged gin and handcrafted bitters. Your bar cart will thank you.

  • 7/12

    Glance at any of the striking and elaborate self-portraits by Vancouver-based makeup and mixed-media artist Lyle Reimer (a.k.a. @lylexox) and you’ll have just one question: Ummmm, how? His new book, Lyle XOX: Head of Design ($67.50 at Rizzoli New York), is a curation of some of his fave facial sculptures, which were created using found objects like soy-sauce packets and bleached turkey bones. 

  • 8/12

    Hemp has gone high-fashion. Canadian label Want Les Essentiels has designed its first collection of contemporary bags and shoes made of the one-time stoner staple. (Hemp necklaces foreva.) They come in a slew of laid-back natural shades and are paired with the brand’s signature Italian leathers for a gorgeous and functional look that’s perfect for a spring-break getaway or just a stroll around the ’hood. (From $285, wantlesessentials.com)

  • 9/12

    There’s a wait-list of ELLE Canada editors dying to read the office copy of Normal People, the latest from literary wunderkind Sally Rooney ($29.95 at Penguin Random House). Luckily, the line is moving fast: Once you start the sombre coming-of-age novel about the on-again, off-again relationship of Irish millennials Connell and Marianne, there’s no putting it down.

  • 10/12

    The draw of spoken-word poetry, its followers will tell you, is the powerful emotional bang—and Andrea Gibson delivers majorly. Hear it all for yourself—and be prepared to shed a tear...or 2,000—when the award-winning Colorado-based poet stops in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal this month. (April 14, 15 and 17) 

  • 11/12
    We're not saying we're partial to this wool felt Tilley fedora because it allows us to channel our inner A Star Is Born's Ally—but we're not not saying that either. ($150 at tilley.com) 
  • 12/12
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    We're putting our daily commute playlist aside this month in favour of Femme Studios. The just-dropped podcast, created by Torontonian Francesca Morfini, puts the spotlight on nine local women—from Province Apothecary founder Julie Clark and co-founder of The Coveteur, and now ad agency Métier Creative, Erin Kleinberg—who are pushing the boundaries in the city. 
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