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What’s on the ELLE editors’ radar right now. 

  • 1/12
    A must-have planner, page-turning novel, Canadian hit musical and your next Netflix binge.
  • 2/12

    Come From Away

    We were so relieved to find out that hit Canadian musical Come From Away— based on the true story of what happened when dozens of planes were diverted to the tiny town of Gander, Newfoundland on September 11, 2001—wouldn't be ending its run in Toronto this month as originally planned. Instead, it'll be moving to the Elgin Theatre, where we'll definitely be watching it again (tickets from $45). Our beauty director attended the show with her family over the holidays, and has been dreaming about a trip to Newfoundland ever since.
  • 3/12
    Think of that hopefully-outwardly-controlled panic that creeps up over you in the days leading up to a presentation you have to give or an event you're organizing. Now, imagine that exact feeling magnified by...a lot. Oh, and it's all being captured by cameras to be streamed on Netflix for the world to see. That's 7 Days Out, the streaming service's new docuseries documenting the week leading up to major cultural events (Karl Lagerfeld prepping a Chanel Haute Couture show, the Westminster Dog Show, etc.). Brb, we'll be taking notes for our next fête.
  • 4/12
    New year, new you? Well, maybe not, but step up your productivity game with The Hustler's Agenda ($39). The undated planner (perfect for jumping in again when you...accidentally forget to fill it in for a few weeks at a time) has weekly spreads to help you stay organized, plus sections to keep track of your budget and long-term goals. Goodbye, iCal. 
  • 5/12
    It may be too early to call favourite book of 2019, but Sophie Mackintosh's debut novel The Water Cure ($25) is already a frontrunner. Eerie and poetic, the dystopian story follows three sisters living on an isolated island and raised to fear men. Their lives unravel when their father disappears and three strange men appear on shore. Consider this our official request (plea, even) to have Sofia Coppola direct a future film adaptation that we desperately want to see on the big screen.
  • 6/12
    Radio host and former comedian Allison Dore realized the Canadian comedy scene had a big problem: not many women comics had recorded albums. So she decided to do something about it. "For about a year I just was really annoyed at everybody and kept telling women to record albums," Dore tells us. "Then I realized I was in a position to make it really easy for comics to put out albums. Enter: Howl & Roar Records, Dore's female-centric comedy record label that aims to empower artists and give voice to those typically unrepresented in Canadian comedy. Happy laughing. 
  • 7/12
    Nicole Kidman gets tough and gritty in L.A. crime drama Destroyer. The Aussie stars as detective Erin Bell working to take out members of a gang she once worked undercover in. Kidman's turn in the flick has earned her a Golden Globe nom and even some Oscar buzz. Consider it essential viewing. 
  • 8/12
    Just-announced Coachella performer Alice Merton's first-ever single—the funky synth-pop tune "No Roots"—hit the top spot on the Billboard Alternative charts early last year—making it only the 12th song by leading solo woman artist to earn the rank. Now, Merton's debut LP Mint is finally here, earning a deserved spot on our Spotify playlists.
  • 9/12
    Attention, movie buffs: we have the perfect candles for you. Cool indie film studio A24 (you know, the people behind films like Lady Bird, Moonlight and Eighth Grade) teamed up with Brooklyn-based fragrance studio Joya for a line of genre-inspired candles ($65). Think an explosive, sweet Western or a spicy, velvety Noir (alas, there's no rom-com scent...yet). It's the perfect mood light for your next movie marathon: A24 says they'll burn through approximately 33 movies. 
  • 10/12
    Here's one to keep you up at night: Karen Thompson Walker's The Dreamers takes place in an isolated Southern Carolina college town, where a freshman student falls asleep and doesn't wake up. Soon more and more people fall into the deep, never-ending sleep, dreaming unknown dreams and recording impossibly high brain activity levels. Sleep tight. 
  • 11/12
    Have a trip coming up, or even just hoping to travel at some point in 2019? That's excuse enough for us to stop by at [email protected] Up & Away's pop-up shop (at Toronto's Eaton Centre or Vancouver's Pacific Centre). Find everything you need for your next getaway, from new Away luggage (exclusive to the pop-up), and a curated selection of essentials from brands like goop and Grown Alchemist. 
  • 12/12
    Admit it: you've read your fair share of self-help books. But have you actually ever tried to live by all the advice they impart? That's what London-based writer Marianne Power attempted, vowing to follow the guidance of a different book every month for an entire year in a quest to see if they'd help her obtain the perfect life. The...unexpected results are hilariously chronicled in her new book, Help Me
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