We have 3 more stills from the Gilmore Girls reboot!

Nov 18 2016 by
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Here’s a fun fact: According to Netflix, 61% of Canadian mothers / daughters say that taking in a bit of telly together brings them closer to together. 

And even funner fact: We can think of no better way to really lock in the mama / child bond than by feasting your eyes on these brand new pics stills from the Netflix Gilmore Girls revival, which conveniently feature the three dynamic mother / daughter duos you know and love. 

Once you’ve done that, the natural next step is to invite your Mom over to binge the four part series, which drops on Netflix next Friday. 

Since we’ve got to fill the time until November 25th somehow, let’s spend the next 7 days debating whether you and your mom are a Lane / Mrs Kim, a Lorelei / Rory, a Lorelei / Emily, or maybe a Sookie / her three kids. 





Categories: Movies & TV