It was a mere year ago when we all became obsessed with the so-cheesy-and-predictable-it’s-perfection Netflix holiday rom-com A Christmas Prince. If it’s been a while since you last rewatched the flick, allow us to offer you a refresher: journalist Amber (Rose McIver) travels goes undercover in the fictional Euro kingdom Aldovia to investigate bad boy crown prince Richard (Ben Lamb). Amber and Richard, of course, fall in love and classic rom-com shenanigans ensue, but the important thing is (SPOILER!) that they end up engaged. 

Now, Netflix is taking us back to Aldovia with a sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. The Royal Wedding finds the happy couple getting ready for their Christmastime (obviously) wedding. But, as the just-released trailer indicates, Amber starts to wonder if she’s really fit to be queen, meaning it won’t be an easy walk down the aisle for the royal duo. We’re pretty sure they’ll be just fine in the end, though.


A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding debuts on Netflix on November 30. You can watch the full trailer below.