Mindy Kaling has just released a sneak peek at her latest endeavour and it looks like we’re in for a ride. The trailer for her new Netflix series, Never Have I Ever, introduces viewers to Indian-American teenager, Devi. A high school sophomore, Devi – who is based on Kaling’s experiences as a teen growing up in Massachusetts – is navigating the thorny world of teenage boys, sex and social status in the unforgiving landscape of classrooms and backyard parties. Of course, with Kaling on board as co-creator, it’s both heartwarming and hilarious.

The show features Mississauga, Ontario-born actor Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi; it’s Ramakrishnan’s first-ever formal acting gig. The teen beat out 15,000 others at the audition to land the role, despite having no formal acting background. “I just want to make sure that I’m opening doors for other people and showing that [this kind of] representation is really important,” she told ELLE Canada in the fall. “I want to make sure that people understand that this isn’t the end and that there’s definitely room for more.”

Never Have I Ever premieres on Netflix on April 27. Watch the trailer below, and, as Devi says: “Buckle up for some steamy teen romance.”


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