The hit Amazon Prime Video psychological thriller series, Homecoming, is making its return to our home screens next month – and by the looks of the new trailer, the stakes are even higher than last season.

Janelle Monáe is joining the cast as Jackie, who wakes up in a rowboat on a lake with no memory of how she got there or who she is. Of course, mystery and chaos ensue.

In a 21st century method acting move of sorts, Monáe has completely transformed her Instagram account into “Jackie,” with all her posts giving followers a look inside her character’s life. We’re into it.

Meanwhile, Scarborough-born Stephan James is reprising his role as Walter Cruz, a young military veteran eager to leave his traumatic war experiences behind him. The Homecoming Initiative, however, is more deceptive than meets the eye – and as Walter learns, memories can be equally hard to trust.

James was our ELLE Canada September 2019 cover star and discussed the significance of playing Walter, who was based on a raceless character in a Gimlet thriller podcast.  “There aren’t a lot of young black leading men in this new generation,” he told us. “I wish there were a thousand of us, to be honest. [White actors] get to do varied types of work, and I want [black actors] to be able to just exist and tell stories because you’re the best actor for the job—not just black-specific stories because you’re a black actor.”

The second season of Homecoming premieres on Amazon Prime on May 22. Watch the full trailer below.


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