We have no doubt you’re all ardent cinephiles who look forward to the Toronto International Film Festival as an exciting opportunity to expand your cinematic horizons and sample the best the movie landscape has to offer, and have no interest in the celebrities who’ll be attending, except to dissect the nuances of the on screen work. 

BUT…we’d hate for you to embarrass yourself by jumping in surprise if you bump into a famous face exiting the Four Seasons, so here’s a quick round up of the huge stars we’re 99.99% sure will be in town this September. 

Who: Leo 

What he’s here for: Before the Flood


Who: Anne Hathaway

What she’s here for: Colossal


Who: Rooney Mara

What she’s here for: Lion


Who: Oscar Isaac

What he’s here for: The Promise


Who: Natalie Portman

What she’s here for: Jackie


Who: Kit Harrington

What he’s here for: Brimstone


Who: Ryan Gosling

What he’s here for: LaLa Land


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