32-year old Luke Grimes may be best known as Christian Grey’s brother, Elliot in 50 Shades of Grey but this fall he takes a turn as gunslinger Teddy Q in Antoine Fuqua’s The Magnifient Seven. The film follows a group of outlaws who come together to save a poor village from thieves. “We trained on horseback for six weeks leading up to the film,” Grimes told us before the film’s premiere at TIFF. “I hadn’t rode before but it was a good opportunity to learn. We also trained with guns and different weapons of that time.” He describes the opportunity as a “dream,” but admits shooting the film in Louisiana had it’s difficulties. “The heat, the extreme weather down there, it was really, really rainy. As you know, Louisiana is now basically under water, so that made it tough to get through the days.” When asked which cast member he’d take into a real life gun fight, Grimes grins. “Manuel [Garcia-Rulfo] ,” he says, laughing. “because out of everyone he got best with the guns.” He pauses. “And Denzel, because…come on!”