Chad isn’t the first Bachelor villan (remember Courtney? Or Juan Pablo?) but he provided the show with some major firsts this week. Herewith our recap:

The first time guys openly brawled
Bach bromances are as legendary as Bach romances. Any drama, if we can call it that, is typically manufactured by the Oz-like producers. But Chad is a villain not even Team Bach could have anticipated. When he’s not pumping iron for his post-Bachelor career as the Hulk, he open alienates himself from everyone in the mansion. He doesn’t want to go on the group date. He trash talks everyone. He doesn’t want to participate in the group date challenge. (See “No more sex euphemisms” below.) Then, he punches the wall on the group date because JoJo doesn’t kiss him. He also threatens Evan and rips his shirt…
…That leads us to, the ultimatum.
Not sure if it’s a Bachelor first, but it’s certainly rare. Sensitive Evan tells JoJo that he can’t stay on the show if Chad does. But then all it took was a rose and a kiss to convince him otherwise. Cue Chad’s second? Third? Fourth? Meltdown. He actually asks JoJo if it’s a joke that she’s keeping Evan around.
The first time fellow contestants have hired a security guard
To protect them from Chad. So weird.
The first time someone eats a raw yam on camera
Oh Chad, there are easier ways to get your complex carbs.

Other firsts we’d actually like to celebrate this episode: No more sex euphemisms
On the group date, JoJo invited her guys to share their intimate sexual memories at a sex comedy show. Kudos to her for actually getting The Bachelor franchise to talk about sex rather than glossing over it with tried-and-tested lingo like “intimacy” or “going to the fantasy suite.”
The first time being forced to stare into someone’s eyes actually felt natural
Remember Carly Waddell and Chris Soules’ consultation with a love guru? I don’t; I was hiding my face behind the pillow because it was so awk. (They had to basically sit on top of each other and had no chemistry at all.) I feared the same would happen when Chase and JoJo went on a couples’ yoga date and had to groan, “anger-gasm” and shake their sillies out. But, during the yab yum yoga position (in which JoJo straddled Chase and they had a staring competition, they also had a major moment.) I didn’t know who he was before this week, but judging by this date, he could be a frontrunner.