“This was not supposed to happen,” says Luke at the beginning of the most dramatic episode of The Bachelorette yet when JoJo says goodbye to her cowboy forever. Cue the ugly cry (JoJo, not Luke). You know what will make you feel better, JoJo? Thailand.


Date 1: Robbie

It’s raining on her date with Robbie; pathetic fallacy, methinks? Robbie is worried that his two-second-ago breakup with his ex could “hang a dark cloud over our relationship.” So he turns on the mega charm. He even forged a letter from his dad saying how happy the couple look together. JK, Robbie! You’re cool. So cool that JoJo invites him into the fantasy suite where they presumably discuss his perfectly coiffed beard for hours. 


Date 2: Jordan

“We’re going to get very hot,” says JoJo at the start of her date with Jordan. Not that kind of hot, Jordan. That’s for tonight! Stay focused. It’s hiking time. The big issue with Jordan for JoJo? They haven’t talked about their post-Bachelorette life (umm….what??) JoJo is worried that his job as a former pro-football player will keep him on the road too much. (Read: don’t be a cheater, Jordan.) He talks her down. “She is exactly what I want in my wife. I can be myself with her. I want her to trust.”


Date 3: Chase

Tbh, I tuned out during Chases’s date. Seems like JoJo did too. As soon as her finally he professes his love in the fantasy suite, she RIPS OUT HIS HEART and sends him home. “I am skewered. I am shattered,” says Chase.

Rose ceremony time! Jordan and Robbie clearly picked out their outfits together because they’re complementary shades of blue. Wait, Chase is here and he’s also in blue! Are they mad that he’s wearing the same colour? Nope, Chase has come to apologize so he can be the next Bachelor. Winning.