READ: Whatever your preferred medium, there’s a little something on self-love for every sort in this Canadian anthology of essays, poems, photography and illustrations. You Care Too Much tackles the “question of self-care” from a creative woman’s perspective, and the answers these artists and writers arrive at will move you, enlighten you and definitely inspire you to create—even if it’s just an “I love you, self” haiku.


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WATCH: All This Panic is a documentary about teenage girls filmed over three years in NYC. Trust us when we say that seeing these young women navigate all the good (friendship!), the bad (growing up is awkward) and the uncomfortable (did we mention adolescence is the worst?) will remind you to be as tender and kind to your older self as you feel toward these baby humans.



LISTEN TO: Terrible, (Thanks For Asking) is a podcast all about giving the real answer to the question that most of us usually answer with “Fine!” even when our soul is literally a garbage fire of worry, sadness and just crap. Hosted by Nora McInerny, it’s an honest, funny deep dive into all of the un­spokens of modern women’s lives, like grief, insomnia and how to cope if you feel like you’re going to die alone with your cats.



@yestoadventures answers the question “how are you?”

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This article first appeared in the February 2018 issue of ELLE Canada.