Greta Gerwig brought the characters of Louisa May Alcott’s beloved 1868 novel, Little Women to life on the big screen last year with impeccable attention to detail. Now, specialty photographs of the cast have emerged using a popular photography method from the mid 1800s and the results are uncanny. 

According to a post on the Little Women film’s Instagram page, photographer Wilson Webb used the collodion process, a method invented around 1851, to capture the cast on set. Webb set up his equipment in the set of the March family home and got the actors to sit when they had time during shooting. One of the Instagram photo captions explains that he would work with the prop master to add special to certain character’s pictures, a nice touch when considering the four distinct personalities of the March sisters.

Here are the portraits of the Little Women, Amy (Florence Pugh), Jo (Saoirse Ronan), Meg (Emma Watson) and Beth (Eliza Scanlen):

And here is Laurie, A.K.A. Timothée Chalmet, in a photo that we would absolutely not be opposed to putting inside a locket.

Little Women was released on Christmas Day last year and is still playing in select theatres across Canada. The film is up for some major awards at the Oscars this Sunday, including Best Adapted Screenplay (Greta Gerwig), Best Actress (Saiorse Ronan) and Best Supporting Actress (Florence Pugh).

Check out the Little Women Instagram profile to see all the photos, along with their story detailing the photography process.

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