Marvel may not be short on incredible female characters (hello, Black Panther), but the mega-franchise is still lacking when it comes to leading women. And while that’s slowly changing (thankfully), their only female frontwoman is finally back.

Jessica Jones season two drops on Netflix tomorrow, just in time for International Women’s Day. Krysten Ritter returns in the titular role, as the no-nonsense, rage-filled private investigator who also happens to have super strength. 

There’s also something different about this season of the Netflix hit: all 13 episodes were directed by women, which showrunner Melissa Rosenberg tells EW exceeds her goal of simply hiring more women for the job. 



The group of directors includes Canadian Mairzee Almas, whose work you might now from shows like Lost Girl or iZombie

Check out the trailer below and get pumped for the new season.