Though it’s not quite Ann-Margret’s iconic role, we’ll still get to see JLo act, sing and dance her way through Bye Bye Birdie. NBC will be airing a life version in 2017. 

J.Lo will play Rosie Alvarez, right-hand woman (and love interest, natch) to music agent Albert Peterson, who is organizing a farewell tour for THE DREAMIEST MUSICIAN EVER – no, not JT – Conrad Birdie, who has been drafted into the army. Here’s the twist: Kim, the character Ann-Margret made famous, wins a chance to kiss Conrad, upsetting her boyfriend enough to cause a fight on live TV.  BTDT.

NBC has already had great success with its live versions of The Sound of Music, Peter Pan, and The Wiz and their highly anticipated version of Hairspray is set to air this December. FOX also joined in earlier this year with it’s production of Grease: Live.

And because JLo is nothing short of a #triplethreat, she will also be executive producing the project.