Sex/Life (Season 2) 

I’m not one for gambling, but if I had to, I’d feel pretty safe wagering on what you can probably expect to see in season two of Sex/Life—a show that totally exploded over earlier on in the pandemic—and that is exactly what people obsessed over in season one: a lot more relationship drama and a lot more steaminess. Oh, and Billie (Sarah Shahi) will have to deal with the fallout of Brad’s season-ending proposal, but that’s basically just a technicality.

Available: March 2

Next in Fashion (Season 2) 

Gigi Hadid joins Queer Eye’s Tan France to host the second season of Next In Fashion, a reality series that puts aspiring designers through vigorous challenges in order to find the industry’s next great trendsetter. Donatella Versace, Ashley Park, Emma Chamberlain, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber are among this season’s guest judges.

Available: March 3

You (Season 4, Part 2) 

I have loudly and publicly expressed my distaste for binge watching in my life, online and in the pages of this magazine, and yet I was still displeased to come to the end of the first part of season four of You only to have to wait a month to for rest of the episodes because I contain multitudes. Thankfully, the time has now come to discover what is going on with Joe Goldberg in London and figure out who this mysterious “Eat the Rich” killer is.

Available: March 9

The Glory (Part 2) 

There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching a revenge drama, and Korean series The Glory is no different. Part one, which debuted in December and followed a woman (Song Hye-kyo) planning an elaborate scheme against her former high school bullies, was surprisingly light on the actual revenge, so there’s a lot of anticipation for what’s to come in this second half of the story. This show features what I genuinely believe are some of the most horrific bullies committed to screen, so justice can’t come soon enough.

Available: March 10

Luther: The Fallen Sun 

Long before he started making wish lists for the next James Bond, Idris Elba was flexing his acting chops on the compelling British crime thriller Luther. Now, he’s returning to the role for a feature-length film, Luther: The Fallen Sun, which finds Elba’s titular John Luther disgraced and behind bars. But when the cyber psychopath (Andy Serkis) he failed to nab continues to taunt him, he decides to break out of prison and stop him once and for all.

Available: March 10

Shadow and Bone (Season 2)

The first season of Shadow and Bone, which is based on Leigh Bardugo’s popular Grishaverse books and follows a young orphan in a magical world who discovers she has ultra-rare powers, served as delightfully fun and transporting fare for fantasy fans. Now, after an almost two-year hiatus, it’s back for round two, and there’s even more at stake for Alina (Jessie Mei Li) and co. This time, Alina is preparing to take down evil Kirigan (Ben Barnes), but his growing army of shadow monsters won’t be so easy to stop.

Available: March 16

The Night Agent 

A warning to anyone who grew up dreading answering the phone when their parents couldn’t: The Night Agent may stress you out a bit. Adapted from Matthew Quirk’s novel of the same name, the action thriller is set in a world where there’s a phone in the basement of the White House that never rings. Then, one day, it rings, and sends FBI agent Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) head first into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy involving a Russian mole in the government.

Available: March 23

Love Is Blind (Season 4)

Congratulations, reality TV lovers: Love Is Blind is returning for season four. The premise is the same — singles looking for love decide if they should propose to someone before ever meeting them face-to-face — but this time the show is set in Seattle. Cue the drama.

Available: March 24

Mae Martin: SAP 

Creating and starring in the critically acclaimed series Feel Good has basically guaranteed I’ll watch anything with Mae Martin’s name on it. Next up for the Canadian comedian is Mae Martin: SAP, their hour-long comedy special debut, which is directed by Abbi Jacobson.

Available: March 28

Murder Mystery 2

No one understands the perks of international fame quite like Adam Sandler, who frequently uses his Hollywood staying power to work on sets with his friends in dreamy locations. Murder Mystery 2 is no different. In this sequel film, Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reprise their roles as husband-and-wife duo Nick and Audrey Spitz, who have stumbled into careers as full-time detectives. When they’re invited to a private island for the wedding of a friend (Adeel Akhtar) who then gets kidnapped, they’re sent on a high-stakes adventure to get him back.

Available: March 31

Everything Else Coming to Netflix Canada in March 2023 

Available March 1 

Cheat (Netflix Series)

Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me (Netflix Film)

Wrong Side of the Tracks: Season 2 (Netflix Series)

Baby Mama

Couples Retreat

Fakes: Season 1

Gran Torino


The Intern

Léon: The Professional

Little Angel: Volume 2

Men in Black

Men in Black II


Promising Young Woman

Sense and Sensibility 


The Threesome

When We Were Boys

Available March 2

Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery: Season 2 (Netflix Series)

Karate Sheep (Netflix Family)

Masameer County: Season 2 (Netflix Series)

Monique Olivier: Accessory to Evil (Netflix Documentary)

Sex/Life: Season 2 (Netflix Series)

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Available March 3

The Flash: Season 9

Love at First Kiss (Netflix Film)

Next in Fashion: Season 2 (Netflix Series)

Split the Root

Available March 4

Chris Rock: Selective Outrage (Netflix Comedy)

Divorce Attorney Shin (Netflix Series)

Available March 6

Ridley Jones: Season 5 (Netflix Family)

Available March 7

Good Will Hunting

Available March 8

Faraway (Netflix Film)

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared (Netflix Documentary)


Available March 9

You: Season 4 Part 2 (Netflix Series)

Available March 10

The Flash: Season 9 (new episodes)

The Glory: Part 2 (Netflix Series)

Have a nice day! (Netflix Film)

Luther: The Fallen Sun (Netflix Film)

Outlast (Netflix Series)

Rana Naidu (Netflix Series)

Available March 14

17 Again

Ariyoshi Assists (Netflix Series)

Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle (Netflix Comedy)

Available March 15


File 13

I, Tonya

The Law of the Jungle (Netflix Series)


Money Shot: The Pornhub Story (Netflix Documentary)


Available March 16


Shadow and Bone: Season 2 (Netflix Series)

Still Time (Netflix Film)

Available March 17

Dance 100 (Netflix Series)

The Flash: Season 9 (new episode)

In His Shadow (Netflix Film)

Maestro in Blue (Netflix Series)

The Magician’s Elephant (Netflix Film)

Noise (Netflix Film)

Sky High: The Series (Netflix Series)

Available March 20

Gabby’s Dollhouse: Season 7 (Netflix Family)

Available March 21

We Lost Our Human (Netflix Family)

Available March 22

Invisible City: Season 2 (Netflix Series)

Jackass Forever

The Kingdom: Season 2 (Netflix Series)

Waco: American Apocalypse (Netflix Documentary)

Available March 23

Johnny (Netflix Film)

The Night Agent (Netflix Series)

The Suicide Squad

Available March 24

Atomic Blonde

Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga (Netflix Film)

Love Is Blind: Season 4 (Netflix Series) (new episodes weekly)

Available March 27

My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale: Season 1

Available March 28

InuYasha: Seasons 4-5

Mae Martin: SAP (Netflix Comedy)

Available March 29

Emergency: NYC (Netflix Documentary)

Unseen (Netflix Series)

Wellmania (Netflix Series)

Available March 30

Big Mäck: Gangsters and Gold (Netflix Documentary)

From Me to You: Kimi ni Todoke (Netflix Series)

Pulp Fiction

Riverdale: Season 7 (Netflix Series)

Unstable (Netflix Series)

Available March 31

Copycat Killer (Netflix Series)

Kill Boksoon (Netflix Film)

Love Is Blind: Season 4 (Netflix Series) (new episodes weekly)

Murder Mystery 2 (Netflix Film)