Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

On a cold night on Christmas Eve, the egocentric Ebenezer Scrooge must face his past in order to change the future before it’s too late. A family-friendly adaptation of a classic Christmas tale!

Delivery by Christmas

When one of her co-workers sabotages her delivery schedule, a delivery girl and a helpful customer must scramble to get all the packages – which contain Christmas presents – to their recipients on time. A Santa Claus 2.0 story!


I Hate Christmas

This comic-romantic Italian TV series takes us into the life of a nurse who, after lying to her family, must find a partner to present to her parents before the Christmas party— in less than 24 days.

I Believe in Santa

Lisa has been happily married to Tom for five months now… until she learns that he is obsessed with the holidays – which she abhors. Will she give Christmas – and her relationship – another chance?


A Not So Merry Christmas

After being cursed by a fairy, Chuy wakes up every year at Christmas having lived a whole year… but only remembering the past Christmas. An original plot to say the least!


A Storm for Christmas

In this mini-series, we follow travelers and workers who are stuck in an airport because of a storm. They will spend the few hours before Christmas together, which will change the course of their destinies.

The Noel Diary

An author returning to his hometown – and his childhood bedroom – for Christmas meets a woman searching for her biological mother. An old diary helps them replay the past, in a romantic adventure that will also change their present.


Falling for Christmas

Lindsay Lohan makes her comeback in this holiday comedy, in which she plays a wealthy heiress who suffers from amnesia after a fall on the slopes.

Christmas With You

A famous pop star, on the verge of burnout, travels to his small hometown to find inspiration for a new song. Of course, love ensues – you’d expect nothing less from a romantic comedy starring Freddie Prinze Jr.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm

After inheriting a farm in the middle of the holiday season, a father must adjust to rural life with his children who are desperate to live in the beautiful countryside.