Kim Cattrall — Samantha Jones herself — spent last weekend fueling rumours that there’s going to be a Sex and the City spinoff centred around her iconic character.

It all started when Cattrall retweeted a video of Wendy Williams talking about the potential show with a very leading comment.

Cattrall kept at it, retweeting a bunch of excited comments, making our dreams come true.

But what would a Sex in the City series set in 2017 look like? The ELLE Canada team put together a list of things we need to happen if the show makes it to air.


A workplace comedy

“A spin-off centred around the office hijinks of Samantha Jones Public Relations. Like The Office, but with cosmopolitans instead of vending machine grape soda.” — Liz Gruber, associate fashion editor


Carrie expanding her horizons

“I would love to see Carrie write about beauty!” — Katherine Flemming, health and beauty editor


A brave new world

“How about a plotline where Samantha decides to move her PR business to Brooklyn and has to navigate a brave new world of hipsters, Instagram flat lays and a dearth of anyone over the age of 35.” — Carli Whitwell, special projects editor


Romantic reunions 

“I NEED a Samantha and Smith Jerrod reunion! They are meant to be. <3" — Maryjane Peters, editorial assistant


Tinder escapades

“Samantha never needed help getting a guy, but with all of today’s dating apps, I can only imagine the adventures she’d get herself into.” Michelle Skelsey, editorial assistant