Single All the Way

To avoid questions and judgment from his family about his eternal bachelor status, Peter asks his best friend Nick to pretend to be his lover for the holidays… but his idea doesn’t go according to plan when Peter’s mother sets him up on a surprise date with his coach.

Love Hard

Natalie (Nina Dobrev) meets the man of her dreams on a dating app and decides to go visit him for Christmas, on the other side of the country. The catch? When she arrives, she realizes that she’s been catfished and the handsome Josh (Darren Barnet, from TV series Never Have I Ever) turns out to be his best friend (played by comedian Jimmy O. Yang).

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

This Christmas comedy series is back for its third installment—what’s on the agenda this time? The theft of a precious jewel brings together Princess Stacy, Queen Margaret and her cousin Fiona (all played by Vanessa Hudgens). It’s bound to get us in the holiday spirit!

My Dad’s Christmas Date

In this romantic comedy, Jules, a 16 year old girl, decides to find love for her widowed father by signing him up for a dating website without his knowledge. Whether or not it’s a good idea is to be desired, but we’ll be watching for cheesy Christmas love.

A Castle for Christmas

Brooke Shields plays an American novelist who, to escape a scandal, decides to move to Scotland. When she finds the castle of her dreams, little does she know that the owner will do everything in his power to prevent the sale from going through. A sweet romantic comedy and  perfect for an evening in.

My Christmas Inn

Jen (Tia Mowry) works in an advertising agency in San Francisco. Shortly before Christmas, her life is turned upside down when she inherits an inn in a remote Alaskan village. Forced to go there, she discovers another life and must choose between selling the establishment or moving there. Like all romantic comedies, it’s a bit predictable, but who cares? The main thing is to have a good time.

Father Christmas is Back

Some families are worse than others—in this wacky comedy with typical British humor, a woman invites her three sisters to spend Christmas at her mansion to forget the fact that their father abandoned them on December 25, long ago. But then he resurfaces and invites himself and his new girlfriend to spend Christmas Eve together.

Blown Away: Christmas

Want to get into the holiday spirit but not into seasonal romantic comedies? Try this Canadian reality series, which just released four special episodes for the holidays. Still hosted by Bobby Berk (of Queer Eye fame), Blown Away: Christmas pits five glassblowers we’ve met in previous seasons against each other. The goal: to win the first prize, with $10,000 USD at stake!

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Deceived by his apprentice years earlier, a toy inventor is on the verge of bankruptcy when his granddaughter visits him—watch as magic ensues in this musical film.


To avoid unpleasant questions during the holidays, two bachelors choose to be each other’s “plus one” for all festive events during the year, in a totally platonic way. Of course, the friendship will soon be overtaken by feelings (otherwise, there would be no point in making a movie about it!)

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