Mila and Ashton Are Engaged! 3 Reasons We’re Sure They’ll Go The Distance

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They haven’t officially announced it, but
Mila Kunis was just spotted out with a honking great rock on her left hand – and multiple sources are confirming what we’re all thinking: Jackie and Kelso (I mean, Ashton and Mila) are engaged! Here are three reasons why we predict they’re going to last:
1. This pair have both had fairly, shall we say, unconventional romantic histories (Ashton and the much-older Demi, Mila and her eight years with, ahem, McCaulay Culkin). So this business of ‘
we’ve been dating for two years, seems like time to engaged’ feels refreshingly normal (if surprisingly conventional) for two people who have had an ‘interesting’ road to finding their happily ever after. 2. Ashton and Mila met on the set of ‘That 70’s Show’ back in the day. And while the whole ‘we’ve know each forever, we were friends first etc’ thing is great, the real reason that’s a predictor of martial success is this: they’ve seen each other in polyester and bell-bottoms. And if a couple’s spark can survive that, nothing, not even aging, can kill it. 3. This is a couple with great hair.
Mila’s got those enviably glossy curls, and Ashton’s floppy bob circa 2011 will always hold a special place in our hearts. So on that day when he’s Punk’d her one too many times, or he thinks
she’s getting a little friendly with awkward radio journos, well…they can always talk
the best conditioners for brunettes.
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