Men have worse memories than women, science says

Feb 18 2014 by
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men-are-more-forgetfulImage courtesy of Getty.

When Ceelo Green penned his appallingly catchy ‘Forget You’, not only was he cleaning up a previously un-radio-friendly tune, he was also alluding to a deeper scientific truth: men actually do have an easier time than women when it comes to letting go of unwanted memories.

Or most any information at all, really, if you believe the results of a new study, published in the latest edition of BMC Psychology. The researchers asked both male and female study participants questions about their memory – how often they forget things, is it getting worse with age etc – and men consistently reported more problems with retaining and recalling information.

The reason for this gender divide isn’t immediately clear, (and no, I’m not going to stoop to address selective hearing) but age didn’t seem to be a factor: 30 year old men were apparently just as likely to forget their wife’s birthday or an anniversary than a man in his 60’s.

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