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Ah, bonjour, Paris! When we asked
Maybelline New York‘s Lead Makeup Artist Grace Lee to share her favourite city, we weren’t surprised she picked
Paris. Given the fact that she’s the queen at creating some of the most beautiful makeup looks we’ve seen, Paris seems like the ideal spot to let a creative mind wander. Now she shares her favourite spots to enjoy the beauty of the city
and to enjoy the amazing food (
WARNING: Lee is a
may-jor foodie … this blog post will likely make you run to the nearest French pastry shop to fix your craving!)
Lee’s favourite city: "Paris. Hands down, one of my favorite cities in the world. The food, fashion, and way of life are all top notch. I always feel sad when I leave, but totally inspired."
Très belle: "Paris is so very beautiful. I can walk for hours, just admiring all the buildings, the architecture – so much history and character that cannot be replicated. There are so many pretty little details, wrought iron balconies with flowers, tree lined streets with little cafes and shops. I could just go on and on."
Lee’s must-dos in Paris:
1. "Eat!! The food is incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal in Paris. Even plain bread, cheese and wine tastes so amazing. If you eat meat, Le Relais de l’Entrecôte is a must when in Paris. They start you off with a simple salad and two portions of Steak and Frites. The steak is smothered in the most delicious sauce that you just want to lick your plate! It’s apparently a huge secret what goes in that sauce. The waitresses all have slicked back hair and wear the little black dresses with white aprons. It’s a no-brainer that I eat at this restaurant at least once whenever I visit."
2. "It’s a given, if you have the chance, visit at least one museum there. The Louvre and The Musée d’Orsay are the obviously popular ones, but there are so many to choose from!"
3. "Sit down at a café, and set time aside to enjoy a meal and people watch (favorite area is St Germain des Près for café/people watching, lots of locals) I could do this all day!"
4. "Go
perfume shopping. Even if you don’t like perfume just go for the experience. I especially love the little boutique shops that have their own signature scents or you can custom blend, but my favorite part is when they wrap it up in the prettiest tissue paper and place it in the box like it’s a fine piece of art."
5. "Back to food, I never leave Paris without visiting Ladurée. A famous pastry shop that just screams Paris. Everything from the beautiful décor, delicate pastries, cakes and the to die for macaroons. The macaroons are displayed in a colourful, beautiful presentation. It’s hard to resist wanting one of each. They wrap them in the signature Ladurée box that it almost looks too pretty to eat! I always try to go on the day I travel home, so I can bring a little taste of Paris back home to my family."
Read on to find out where Lee loves to shop!

Lee’s favourite Parisian shops
1.     "For the big department stores, Galleries Lafayette and Bon Marché. Even if you don’t like department store shopping, it’s worth just walking into and experiencing the grandeur of the store. Bon Marché also has a gourmet food department that is worth checking out if you are a foodie."
2.     "I love shopping in the Marais – an area where there is an eclectic mix of stores. I have found some really cool vintage shops in this area and stores that carry amazing silver jewelry."
3.     "If you like to window shop and just need plain old eye candy, then head to Rue Saint-Honoré, where you will find all the major fashion houses."
4.     "I have discovered lots of small boutique shops in the area of St Germain des Près. I just wished I remembered the names!!"
She a beauty devotee, so we had to ask for Lee’s best spots for beauty finds in Paris: "No doubt about it, best spot for beauty finds is this discount pharmacy on Rue du Four and Rue Bonaparte. It carries everything for your beauty needs. I never leave the city without visiting this pharmacy at least once."
And for her top spot to get inspired in Paris: "For me, beauty inspiration can come from anything in Paris. From people watching, museums, food to even walking by a pretty little flower shop can spark beauty inspiration. I think it’s just my love affair with Paris that inspires me. "
OVER TO YOU! TELL US: What’s your dream destination? What’s your favourite European city? What’s your favourite thing about Paris?

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