Life-changing fashion advice from Kim Kardashian

May 01 2015 by
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The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet
This outfit passed the sit test. Would yours? (Getty)

She taught the world to selfie, and now Kim Kardashian returns to the talk show circuit anew, bearing a golden nugget of wisdom that will change the way the rest of us live our lives. And this time, it involves cleavage management. Chatting with Jimmy Kimmel on the eve of the publication of her book (a coffee table full of published and never-before-seen, you guessed it, selfies), Kim apologised for how revealing her dress was, saying she wanted to appear “serious” for this book tour, and neglected to perform a crucial style test of her own devising. Kim calls it “the sit test”: Like many life-transforming hacks, it’s actually very simple. When she’s trying on an outfit, especially if she knows she’ll be, well, sitting in it, Kim sits down it to determine where it falls on the cleavage spectrum. Go forth and sit, everyone. Or check out the full clip below.


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