Liam wants Miley back

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Miley and Liam, in happier times.
Image courtesy Getty. According to that latest issue of
US Weekly (which hits newsstands today in Canada), Liam Hemsworth wants
Miley Cyrus back. A source told the gossip mag the pair secretly met up last month and looked very canoodely—just as though they were back together. On snap! Well, well, well. Of course he does—now that everyone’s into her, so is he. How convenient. Let’s remember when he left her high and dry after the Foamfingergate, K? So not cool. Miley, please. Use some sense. Your bod’s been looking slamming lately, especially when you wore that cotton cat bikini to the AMAs. Your haircut and colour is off the charts.
You bleached your brows. You can sing. The ring he gave you the first time was a total letdown. (Too chunky, a bit boring and honestly, it doesn’t really seem to suit your style. You’re totally more of a marquise girl. Or something Art Deco-y). Also, two words:

January Jones What also isn’t great is the timing. Yesterday, Miley tweeted to her more than 15 million followers that "I want a boyfriend that will wear jean on jean on jean with me," as she shared a vintage photo of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Sure, she’s being cute but… Miley, please. Onwards and upwards. Put on your oxblood Doc Martens, and leave the Hemsworth brother in the dust. Would you get back with an ex?
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