Kim Kardashian changes her name

May 29 2014 by
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kim changes her nameWas this the moment that Kim West was born? (Image courtesy of

I regret to inform you Kim Kardashian is no more. Somewhere over the weekend, while wearing a Givenchy dress, that person ceased to be…but yay, there’s a new person who looks exactly like her named Kim West!
The true formalisation of the
Kimye union occurred today, as Kim officially changed her social media accounts to her new married name. Her handle on Instagram and Twitter remains @kimkardashian, but the name attached to them now reads "Kim Kardashian West". Soothsayers are reading alot into this, because she never made the switch while (briefly) married to Kris Humphries. So yes…true love means you change your social media for that person. But what a sad day for alliteration…
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