Kate’s sorry about the wait; sends pastries to make up for it

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Preparations At The Lindo Wing Ahead Of The Birth Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge's Second ChildThat’s a good looking croissant. (Getty)

There was a special delivery at the Lindo Wing today…but it wasn’t
the royal baby. It was something even better, we mean, almost as good: Boxes of "luxury pastries" sent to the faithful waiting encamped outside the hospital by one very thoughtful Princess.
The five or so super-fans currently sleeping in tents outside the hospital, protected by little other than the Union Jacks they wrap themselves in got a sweet treat this morning…sent courtesy of Will and
Kate as
a reported thank you to the people waiting for the royal birth. The goodies arrived this morning accompanied by coffee…and wrapped in
PINK RIBBON. (!!!!!) We’ll take an almond croissant and a latte while we wait too, thanks Kate. Skim milk if they have it?
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