Kate Middleton’s Brother: Marshmallow Entrepreneur

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James_Middleton marshmallow boomfJames Middleton and beard. Image courtesy of Boomf.

Mystery solved! You know how Lupo (Kate and Will’s dog), was rumoured to be living with her lil bro, James, in London? Well, turns out, he’s was actually interning at the royal-in-law’s new company (typical aimless millenial-spaniel, right?).

Actually, that’s only possibly true. What is true is that James Middleton does have a new venture (in addition to the cake business he had going before). This time round it’s a…wait for it…customise-a-marshmallow-with-your-instagram-pics business. They’re all handmade by JMid and his crew at the Boomf workshop, and look something like this:

boomf productImage courtesy of Boomf.

You and all your friends (they deliver free world-wide!) can have a piece (actually 9) of high-quality food colouring and refined sugar, caressed by almost royal (and we assume gloved for food safety) hands or less than $20.00

What are you waiting for?


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