Kate Middleton update: At her mom’s house

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The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Make An Official Visit To Cambridge

BRB, Kensington Palace: At my mom’s. (Image courtesy of Getty)

It doesn’t matter if you’re the mother of the future king of England: When you’re sick, you really just want your mom. Which is why
Kate Middleton can currently be found in the tiny village of Bucklebury, probably binge watching
RuPaul’s Drag Race while mama Carol brews ginger tea and lays out another plate of Saltines.
Still suffering from the extreme form of morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum, Kate has reportedly sought refuge in her parent’s house in the countryside while cancelling all of her engagements for the near future. She’ll likely be there a while longer, since the illness generally lasts about 16 weeks into a pregnancy, although the D of C was up and shaking hands about 13 weeks in last time round. But when she does shake off that Snuggie for good, Kate may turn up in a very exciting place: NYC! Wills is apparently plan a trip to the Big Apple in the near future, and K might tag along. Meet us at Bendel’s?
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