Kate Middleton now has Twitter

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The Royal Family Attend Church On Christmas DayNext, Wills tries to sell Kate on a selfie stick. (Getty)

Who’s ready to hear
Kate Middleton’s daily musings on life, lunch, and that totally tweetable thing George just said?! No, you’re not ready, which is why Kate Middleton’s brand new official Twitter isn’t quite going to be the dishy or pithy social media beast we all secretly dream of. But it’s totally verified, so…that’s something.
The brand new @kensingtonroyal is technically Kate’s, Wills’ and Harry’s shared official Twitter account, and is basically just another arm of their Kensington Palace-based press department (ie: lots and lots of really boring looking official appearances). But what it lacks in the scintillating, it makes up for in volume: In just 6 hours of Tweeting, they’ve sent out 16 messages (and amassed nearly 37,000 followers). So far, so boring…but just you wait until
George starts "accidentally" taking selfies on his Dad’s phone. (If we were you, G, we’d time that just around the new baby’s birth.) Or better yet…when Harry accidentally stays logged in on a "quiet" night out.
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