Kate Middleton may have to be induced because the second royal baby is four days overdue

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BRITAIN-ROYALSAny time now, RB2. (Getty)

FOUR DAYS. That’s how long we, the royal-watching public, have been kept waiting by
the second royal baby. He/she hasn’t even sent a text message or anything to say how late he/she will be, and he/she knows that we haven’t been able to go to sleep / go into a movie theatre / take a public transit route that involves going underground in case we miss the news.
While the commonly accepted due date for
Kate Middleton’s second child was Saturday (April 25),
the Telegraph is reporting that it was actually due on the 23rd (trying to catch us off guard, there Kate? How you underestimate the level of our preparedness. We’ve had your diaper cake ready to send for like months). They also add that doctors may wait up to two weeks (TWO MORE WEEKS OF SUSPENSE???!!!) to induce her, although the practice at the Lindo, where Kate will deliver, is generally not to delay more than 7 days. In fairness, Prince George was a week late so…
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