How Kate Middleton looks so good in pictures

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Prince George Of Cambridge First BirthdayThe whole family is doing "the Kate". (Getty)

Forget the duckface, sparrowface, or the blowing-a-kiss face: If you want to look as effortlessly beautiful in pictures, you need to start making the "
Kate face".
What is the "Kate face", you may be asking? Well, it’s not so much a facial expression as the technique used by the
Duchess of Cambridge when she’s faced with a slew of cameras in her faceā€”and given her job is basically to look nice (but not too sexy) in front of a bank of flash happy photogs, let’s just say Kate knows what she’s talking about. The technique is to not make eye contact with any specific camera, and rather just let the eyes float above and beyond the crowd. This way, Kate never risks crazy eyes by staring straight down the barrel of any particular paparazzi lens. Worth trying the next time you have to go shake hands with the common folk with the entire world’s news media watching, right?
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