Kate Middleton goes to spy school

Jun 18 2014 by
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The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Bletchley ParkKate: International Woman of Mystery? (Image courtesy of Getty)

If this whole Princess gig doesn’t work out, Kate Middleton may just be working on a back-up plan – as a spy!

She’s not exactly sending her resume over to MI-5 just yet, but the Duchess of Cambridge has spent the day doing a little bit of work experience in the world of espionage. As part of her royal smiling-and-asking-friendly-questions duties, Kate visited the historic Bletchley Park, home of a crack group of super-secret codebreakers whose work was integral to ending WW2. (It’s also the subject of an an amazing TV show called "The Bletchley Circle", which you all need to watch).

Kate, wearing McQueen, chatted with veterans, and learned first-hand what it was like to be part of this side of the spy game (more Enigma machines, less man with a Golden Gun). In a nice twist, she even got to chat with a woman who had worked with Kate’s own grandmother, who actually served there for a time.

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