Kanye West’s (latest; now deleted) epic Twitter rant

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Professor Louise Wilson Memorial Service - LFW FW15Kanye went on Twitter last night. (Getty)

It was all just going too well, you know? Kanye West and New York Fashion Week were getting along really great—he was smiling, sitting front row all over the place, and giving interview where he referred to himself as "Robin Hood". But then last night, he and Twitter met up for a late night rant session…and Kanye, oh Kanye, you should have known what would happen next.
Kim Kardashian took to the social media platform (with which he has a very, very spotty history) for a rant that was very Kanye circa 2012. In tweets now deleted, Kanye held an impromptu pity party for his fashion career, tweeting: "I don’t call myself a designer as I was not allowed to go to St Martin’s because I was too famous by the time I knew I wanted to design." Other highlights of the rant include: "Fame is looked down upon in the design world so that’s something I’ve had to overcome" and "I represent a new generation just trying to express themselves in a broken world". Mr Kanye West: Voice of the people, ladies and gentleman. Or at least downtrodden celebrity designers.
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