JK Rowling releases new Harry Potter (kinda)!

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J.K. Rowling Books Goes To The Big ScreenBack in the glory days… (Image courtesy of Getty).

Don’t pretend you’re not excited about this. The boy wizard is back – or at least author JK Rowling has released
tangentially-related material pertinent to the world of Hogwarts. And in a world where the books are done, the movies have all been released, and Daniel Radcliffe now has a man-bob, that’s good enough for me.
This morning, JK Rowling released part one of a two part history of Quidditch over on ‘Pottermore’ (which is sort of authorised digital afterlife of the series). To plow through the 2,400 word piece is definitely in super-fan territory (and unlikely to include any new adventures for
Hermione, Ron and Harry), but I know you’re out there, and so I offer you a little light reading for your Friday night.
Accio reading-glasses!
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