Jennifer Lawrence is now a real singer

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Premiere Of Lionsgate's "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" - ArrivalsRidiculously talented human being. (Getty)

Are we really surprised at all? Not only is
Jennifer Lawrence an Oscar winning actress, a dater of
Chris Martin, and exceptional wearer of Dior…but now it looks like she might have a bonafide music career on her hands.
The little ditty that J-Law sings in the latest Hunger Games movie has actually entered the UK charts at number 29, and is apparently on track to make it onto the Billboard Hot 100. The song is called "Hanging Tree", and was written by the Lumineers for a pivotal scene in the movie (no spoilers here, friends). The craziest part? Jen describes the day she filmed that scene as the scariest thing she’s ever done. Says she: "The idea of singing in front of people is my biggest fear in the entire world. I cried the day that I did that. I was shaking. I was like, ‘I want my mom.’ I’ve never listened to it. When that scene comes on, I plug my ears."
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