I’m Reading: ‘My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag’

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My_Boyfriend_Barfed_in_My_Handbag_._._._and_Other_Things_Y...Image courtesy of Penguin Canada.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a really scary, cobwebby corner of the internet after googling ‘how to clean ____   (insert perfectly-innocent-but-could-be-misconstrued object / substance here’, Jolie Kerr, and her discreet volume of tricks are here to save your browser history.
And almost as an added bonus, ‘My Boyfriend Barfed In MY Handbag, and Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha’, out today, is actually a joy to read (that’s right…a cleaning book that you read from cover to cover in two hours). With white vinegar in one hand, and a friendly twinkle in her eyes (I’m picturing Mrs Tiggywinkle here), Kerr guides you the dilemmas, disasters and weird stuff you’ll need to deal with in daily grown-person life. Kerr, the author of an online ‘clean person’ column (once at the Hairpin, now at Jezebel and Deadspin), manages to make vermin control strategies wildly entertaining, cheers you into feeling mildly enthused about fridge de-icing, and well…she had me with that Gone With the Wind reference in the first chapter. Whether you’re genuinely interested in the best way to scour a pot (baking soda, btw) or just looking for a few handy hints to impress your friends with, Kerr’s volume is a fun, entertaining read.
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