I’m Reading: Downton Abbey Inspo “The Shooting Party”

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Downton Abbey Inspiration the Shooting Party

In order to the fill the joyless void that is my existence between seasons of
Downton Abbey, I find myself turning to ever more obscure ways of staying close to the wildly successful upstairs-downstairs melodrama. When not in post-shocking-major-character-death grief counselling, or catching up on the latest Mrs Hughes / Carson fanfic, I’ve been filling my time with the book that (apparently) inspired it all: Isabel Colgate’s "The Shooting Party".
Sources say that the 1980 novel inspired Julian Fellowes’ fascination with the world of country houses – and while the book isn’t similar plot-wise, they do share common themes: a comedrama about an English country gentleman and his family just before the war, the stories of their servants woven into the sometimes scandalous action. What’s most fun about this book is finding little nods toward Downton Abbey – or rather the little details that Fellowes seems to have kept in his adaptation, as a way of acknowledging the story’s roots. There’s a character named Violet (Maggie Smith’s Dowager’s first name in the tv show), for instance, and a dashing foreigner from Hungary, not unlike the show’s Turkish gentleman. Now…how
long until January?
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