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Lucy Hale Debut Single

Image courtesy of Instagram (@lucyhale).

Following the shocking revelations of the mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars (sweet, dopey Ezra is A???!!!), what else was Aria to do but channel all that trauma into song?

Or more accurately: the actress / real person Lucy Hale sure has been busy. She of the beautiful-brows has been spending her downtime making some fine country music, and drops her debut single today (congrats!)

Around here, we’re pre-disposed to love anything PLL-related (
hi Shay!), but the twangy, country-lite  ‘You Sound Good To Me’ stands on its one. If you like
Taylor Swift, you’ll love this feel-good, summery track, complete with a crowd-pleasing ‘just the voices’ third chorus. I plan on blasting this on an early June day, windows down, headed to the beach…if such a thing as warmth exists in
this post-Polar Vortex world. PS
PLL returns tonight!
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