I’m Listening To: Augustana “Life Imitating Life”

May 09 2014 by
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This is 100 percent a nostalgia-driven listening choice: many millennia ago, Augustana’s "Stars and Boulevards" was one of THOSE albums for me (little choked up at "Boston", anybody, anybody?)

Fast forward a few years, and several very mediocre follow-ups later, the San Diego band have just released a new album "Life Imitating Life". Despite the utterly cringe-worthy title, for old time’s sake, I gave it a listen – and it’s been my subway-riding jam ever since.

All the things that I loved about their earlier albums – the lead singer’s nasal over-emoting, the melodramatic lyrics, the plonky piano chords – are all there. The subject matter is a little more old-person (ahem, "Youth Is Wasted On the Young"), but I’m a little older too, and totally down for the album’s reflective, slightly regretful tone. Is it going to win a 1000 Grammy’s? No, but it’ll get you through at least one or two rainy-morning commutes.

If you’re going to listen to one song, make it "Love Is In the Air".

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