I can’t stop watching the trailer for the new “Flowers in the Attic” TV movie

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Flowers in the atticImage courtesy of Lifetime

Lifetime TV movies are the best. Completely engrossing and always entertaining, I’ve spent hours glued to everything from dramatic reenactments of true crime cases (like the exceptional Amanda Knox Story starring Hayden Panettiere) to their original films. (Check out Not My Life, about a woman who is led to believe she has amnesia after being secretly dosed with a memory altering drug by her evil doctor. It’s amazing. Trust.)

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But now, friends, the holy grail of Lifetime movies is upon us.
Flowers in the Attic, V.C. Andrews’ compelling tale of house arrest and sibling love is set to air next week. (Starring Sally Draper, no less!) Not only have I
watched the preview at least six times, but I’ve sent it to everyone I know. Is that weird? Will you watch the
Flowers in the Attic movie?
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