How to add bling to your Oscar night party

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Really, your Oscar-night party doesn’t need much: a few nibbles, some drinks and a big TV. The rest will take care of itself – between the dresses, the speeches and the weird public displays of affection (remember
Angelina Jolie smooching her brother in 1999? [shudder]), there’s always plenty of fodder for hilarious commentary. But tarting things up a bit will definitely add to the fun.
Designer gowns: optional. Style: a must. For Oscar-worthy party stylings, see after the jump.

Marchesa-plate-2 Watching the Academy Awards (including the pre-show red-carpet coverage) is a time commitment – your guests will need sustenance. We suggest you serve something beautiful and gourmet, but even if your nibbles end up being Doritos and M&Ms, they’ll look pretty classy on this gorgeous Marchesa platter.
Gold-stars-3 Cake decorating is hard – we know that. So we’re not going to suggest you attempt one of the amazing Oscar-themed confections you’ve seen on
Pinterest. Instead, pick up some of these edible gold stars and sprinkle them over cupcakes. Beautiful – and no skill required.
Glasses   Isn’t it amazing how a little bling on a glass can elevate your vodka-soda to a whole new level? In fact, these glitzy tumblers might even inspire you to concoct some Oscar-worthy
Coaster   And here’s where the cheesy element comes in: camp but cute Hollywood-themed coasters. They’ll delight your guests and save your coffee table. So much more fun that those monochrome ones from Pottery Barn.
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