The hottest Halloween costumes of 2014

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Jack o lantern

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It’s t-minus 24 hours to the big day, folks: And while we’ve obviously been handcrafting our slever-yet-not-too-niche-and-just-the-right-amount-of-sexy costumes for weeks, we are aware that you might find yourself walking the aisles of Value Village at this very moment, desperately hoping an old fur coat and some paper plates make a costume (they do not). So here are best suggestions, pulled straight from pop culture (because no-one wants to be a #basicwitch).
Predicted: 2014’s 5 hottest
Halloween costumes 1. The Polar Vortex 2.Adele Dazeem 3. North West 4. The raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy 5. The elevator at the Standard Hotel (sorry, Solange)
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