Holiday Spirit: On the Eve cocktail at The Hardbord Room

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On the Eve cocktail created by Liz Campbell at The Harbord Room.

This week we asked Liz Campbell,
The Harbord Room‘s bar manager to concoct a
festive cocktail for our Holiday Spirit experts’ spotlight. Here’s what you need for Campbell’s On The Eve cocktail* she created for ELLE Canada. -rocks glass -1.5 oz Plymouth Gin -.5 oz Barenjager Honey Liqueur -.75 oz candied ginger syrup -.5 fresh lemon juice -6 fresh cranberries 3 slices red apple Garnish: N/A (but we used a holiday sprig for our EC photo) 1. In the base of a shaker, muddle the cranberries and apple slices with the candied ginger syrup.

Click through to see how the On the Eve cocktail is made and our Q&A with Campbell!

2. Pour in the gin, honey liqueur and juice and enough ice cubes to fill a rocks glass. Cover and shake hard but briefly.
3. Pour unstrained into a rocks glass and serve.

 What inspired you to create this concoction? "Every Christmas Eve, my boyfriend and I head to his mum’s house where we drink cocktails and settle in for a game of Russian Rummy. Last year we overloaded on delicious boozy, but extremely heavy eggnog. This year I wanted something a little livelier, Russian Rummy is a long game!"
Is there any type of food/dessert you would pair with On the Eve? "The cocktail has quite a rich texture. You get sweetness from the apple and ginger which balances out the tartness from the fresh cranberries and lemon. There will definitely be a cheese board close by when On The Eve is first served!"
What’s the telltale sign of a good cocktail? "When the shaker and stirrer has passion, knowledge and wisdom! Your cocktail will
always taste better when you use fresh, seasonal and local produce with high-quality liquor."
What’s your favourite holiday tradition? "I do love my Christmas Eve here in Canada although being Australian, I definitely miss Christmas lunch under the hot sun in my dad’s backyard, which is always followed by a friendly game of cricket at the park!"
Favourite holiday drink? "I love the way a room smells when there is a Glogg simmering somewhere on a stove top, it instantly warms the soul."
*Try the On the Eve cocktail this weekend only at The Harbord Room, 89 Harbord St., Toronto.

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