Holiday spirit: How to make the bootlegger’s passion at E11even

Dec 28 2012 by
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E11even restaurant may have one of the most fashionable clienteles in the entire city—so we couldn’t resist asking this Toronto hotspot to create a custom concoction for ELLE Canada. We caught up with E11even’s sommelier extraordinaire, Jonathan MacCalder, who made us a killer cocktail. Here’s what you need for the "Bootlegger’s Passion," created by MacCalder for ELLE Canada. 1.5 oz Seagram’s VO (Crown Royal also works well, says MacCalder) 1 oz fresh passionfruit juice 0.5 oz cane sugar syrup (1:1 ratio of raw, unrefined sugarcane crystals to water, stir until fully absorbed) 1 oz egg white (far superior than without it, MacCalder assures us, as it adds texture)
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Directions Throw everything into a cocktail mixer and shake well. Pour over ice and garnish creatively.
What would you pair with this drink?
MacCalder: Passion fruit is a citrus similar in nature to lime or lemon. It has a rounded, refreshing nature–so we suggest pairing it with tuna tartare or crab cocktail or any seafood dishes.
What is the telltale sign of a good cocktail?
MacCalder: A good cocktail is one that puts a bounce in your step and makes the conversation flow. It can be fancy or simple but balance is THE most important aspect to a cocktail.
What is your favourite New Years tradition?
MacCalder: Actually, some of my best New Years have been 
after midnight–The last few years, I’ve celebrated by throwing a brunch/day party on January 1st. It’s way more relaxed and fun because there’s no pressure, so everyone is in a great mood!"

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