Holiday Spirit: Candy Alexander at The County General

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Candy Alexander cocktail created by Jeff Carroll at The County General.

Come this year’s holiday feast, skip dessert (stay with us on this) and go straight for a creamy, candy cane-infused cocktail whipped up by Jeff Carroll,
The County General‘s bartender for our Holiday Spirit experts’ spotlight. With peppermint hot chocolate, Irish cream and a splash of bourbon, this creamy concoction (served cold or steaming hot) is our new classic holiday sweet fix. Here’s what you need for Carroll’s Candy Alexander dessert cocktail* he created for ELLE Canada.
Candy Alexander 1 1/2 oz bourbon 1/2 oz Irish cream* 1 oz peppermint tea infused chocolate milk 2 dashes of mint bitters 2 dashes of chocolate bitters Garnish: mini candy cane
Click through for directions and our Q&A with Jeff! (plus a bonus recipe!)
Directions 1. Rim a martini glass with an orange and dip into crushed candy cane.
2. Add bourbon, Irish cream, chocolate milk and bitters.
3. Shake and strain into a coupette. Garnish with the candy cane. Enjoy!

What inspired you to create this concoction? "Everybody loves a Brandy Alexander and since candy canes are such a big part of this time of year, why not a ‘Candy Alexander’?"
Is there any type of food/dessert you would pair with Candy Alexander? "Would pair best with a nice piece of chocolate or some holiday bark." (Ed’s note: OMG. YUM.)
What’s the telltale sign of a good cocktail? "Balance is everything in a cocktail."
What’s your favourite holiday tradition? "Wandering around the city with the love of my life, and people watching."
Favourite holiday drink? "Champagne Cocktails for sure!"
Irish Cream recipe (a family tradition passed on to us through fellow bartender Caitlin Boulay) 300 mL sweetened condensed milk 300 mL Jameson Irish Whiskey 300 mL 10 per cent cream 1 tbsp. instant coffee Blend all ingredients in a blender on low speed for 20 seconds. Keep refrigerated for as long you can keep it around (Boulay said up to two months but after one sip of the creamy, homemade deliciousness, we find that hard to believe.)
Try the Candy Alexander cocktail at The County General, 936 Queen Street West, Toronto, or whip one up yourself this season.

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