Candy Alexander cocktail created by Jeff Carroll at The County General.

Come this year’s holiday feast, skip dessert (stay with us on this) and go straight for a creamy, candy cane-infused cocktail whipped up by Jeff Carroll,
The County General‘s bartender for our Holiday Spirit experts’ spotlight. With peppermint hot chocolate, Irish cream and a splash of bourbon, this creamy concoction (served cold or steaming hot) is our new classic holiday sweet fix. Here’s what you need for Carroll’s Candy Alexander dessert cocktail* he created for ELLE Canada.
Candy Alexander 1 1/2 oz bourbon 1/2 oz Irish cream* 1 oz peppermint tea infused chocolate milk 2 dashes of mint bitters 2 dashes of chocolate bitters Garnish: mini candy cane
Click through for directions and our Q&A with Jeff! (plus a bonus recipe!)