Holiday fling: Why having an affair will save your marriage in 2014.

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Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images Every day a new survey arrives unbidden in my email in basket; most of them don’t catch my attention, but occasionally the subject line is too tempting to resist. Like this one, for example: "
Survey reveals that most people enjoy their relationships during Christmas but are still hoping for new affairs in 2014." Say
whut? According to Victoria Milan, an
infidelity website, 72% of their members think 2014 will be a good year for their primary relationship, but 92% are looking to hook up with a new lover next year.
The men and women in the survey were asked who they’ll spend time with over the holidays: their partner, or their lover? The results may surprise you….
If you break it done by sex, 71% of women surveyed said they were more likely to skip the holiday scene with their partner in favour of spending time with their lover. The men were a little more old- fashioned. More than 58% of them will be hanging up their stockings—so to speak—at home. But why are 92% of them hoping to find
another lover in 2014? Apparently 83% of them felt that a lover helps them see their problems in a more positive light. “Affairs are helping to save marriages and this survey provides definite proof of that,” says Sigurd Vedal, CEO and founder of Victoria Milan. “We knew this from the start and our members are always happy to admit that. These survey results don’t surprise us!” Hmm, I wonder what study I’ll discover in my in basket tomorrow!
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