Virtual personal trainer? There’s an app for that.

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Work (out) smart, not hard.

By: Lara Ceroni

We’ve all been there: Woken up in the morning, our optimism high as the rising sun, knowing that today’s the day we’re going to push out that extra 3 miles on that treadmill, climb that mother of a mountain in spin or breaststroke our way across that last 500 metres in the pool. Then the day arrives. Deadlines loom, meetings overwhelm and the phone never ceases its incessant ring. All of a sudden that 60 minutes of promised gym time goes down to 50, then 40; then comes the pretext: "Even if I only do 30 minutes, I’ll be happy." Before you know it, you’re at home; heels kicked, makeup off, dinner and wine arriving in your not-so-distant future. In comes Smidge….
A Pfizer Canada app that’s MO is anything but apathetic. The free program (compatible with iPhones, iPads and Blackberries) offers you six healthy actions (ie: "Drink More Water"; "Eat More Fruits and Veggies"; "Train Your Brain") aimed to keep you motivated — anywhere, at any time —  in your pursuit of healthy living. In "Take the Stairs," users have the ability to log-in and track the number of times they climb a set of stairs. Throughout the 21-day journey — Smidge concedes it takes this amount of time to form a lasting habit — you will be sent positive affirmations and goal-setting tasks. Could you climb the CN Tower? Smidge sends alerts letting you know just how many stairs you have to power through in the 21-day period to reach the top. The Merlot can wait. Now, wherever you go, your digital personal trainer comes with you.
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