Has Harry moved on already?!

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Prince Harry Tours Jamaica To Mark Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond JubileeHarry’s moves bring all the girls to the yard. (Image courtesy of Getty)

It’s fairly obvious at this point that Prince Harry’s break-up style is NOT of the ‘sobbing at home to John Legend’s All of Me’ variety. Instead, the red-headed royal is partying up a storm along the eastern seaboard of the USA.
As you all should know, Cressie’s ex and his brother Will (making questionable flannel shirt choices, btw) are on the continent for a pal’s wedding, happening in Memphis this weekend. The nuptial festivities, however, have been in full swing for several days already – and Prince Harry has been living it up at pretty much all of them. (And re-hydrating by drinking out of coconuts poolside at Soho House, you’ll be relieved to know). There was the night at "the hottest club in Miami" on Wednesday, where pictures show Harry chatting up a brunette, and shutting the place down at 4:30 am. Last night the festivities moved to Memphis, where the Windsor bros ate barbecue, and also looked strangely sweaty in all the paparazzi pics. Where will the royal party people turn up tonight? Stay tuned, friends… READ MORE
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