HappyHour[1] drink1 In honour of The Great Gatsby’s release today, we’re celebrating with a month of jazz-age cocktails as fabulous as the Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin flick. Every Friday, we’ll post a Roaring ’20s-inspired hooch recipe to help you curate a cinq-a-sept that Daisy Buchanan would be proud of.

This week, we’ve recreated “The Moët Imperial Gatsby,” a champagne cocktail made with green chartreuse that’s currently exclusively available Manhattan’s swank Plaza Hotel. Cheers!


You will need: 1 bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne 1 bottle of green chartreuse (available at the LCBO) sugar cubes lime Beautiful champagne flutes (we especially love these elegant crystal glasses from The Hudson’s Bay company!)

Click through to see how to make the Moët Imperial Gatsby cocktail