Golden Globes 2014 photobomb moments that will make you smile

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Jennifer Lawrence

It’s the dress that just keeps on giving… Actor Colton Haynes re-enacting
Jennifer’s photobomb on Taylor Swift while she was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest
What other starlets—and wannabe celebs—photobombed their way into red-carpet fame that night. 

Heidi KlumPlease, please look at me and not my dress… Or at least that’s what we think Heidi Klum was thinking when she photobombed Tara Swennen and Kaley Cuoco. Kaley dubbed it the "Greatest photobomb of all time" on her Twitter feed. Photo Twitter: @KaleyCuoco

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

And in the category of "accidental" photobomb… we have the lovely Rashida Jones assuming the red-carpet pose while Martin Scorsese gives the camaraman his best death stare.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsAnd in the category of pretending not to photobomb but oh-so-desperately wanting to be noticed… This goes to the peplum-clad publicist who managed to make her "I just-happened-to-be-walking-by" look totally unplanned. Not. 

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